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Full-Service Brokerage Services Catered to Your Specific Needs

When partnering with a CBC Alamo City affiliate, you will receive concierge-style guidance and services from acreddited real estate professionals who specialize in commercial investments and opportunities. Below are some of the most common services CBC Alamo City professionals provide for their clients.



Our professionals specialize in tenant representation, developing customized real estate solutions for multimarket and local requirements when leasing or subleasing office space. With an in-depth knowledge and understanding of today’s business climate, they work to identify office spaces perfectly suited for specific business objectives.



CBC Alamo City affiliated professionals use their expertise and data-driven analytics to help select the ideal site for your business. Our professionals will evaluate the characteristics of the region and ensure the needs of your project match the development’s location.



With thousands of landlord rep transactions and access to colleagues in 160 companies around the globe, our professionals understand tenant needs and use that knowledge to position and lease properties for landlords more effectively. CBC Alamo City affiliated professionals are client-focused, results-driven advisors that can help you reduce occupancy costs and increase profitability for landlords.



We can help you find the investment property that fits your portfolio. Our trusted advisors specialize in investment property services that are focused on the specific needs of investors and developers. They provide innovative and profitable solutions that work to trim expenses, drive value to your bottom line and help to make informed decisions with targeted market information. Our professionals are ready to assist real estate investors who are looking to buy, sell, or finance commercial properties.



Count on the guidance and experience of our affiliated professionals to ensure that your short- and long-term commercial real estate goals are met. Consult with our advisors on timelines, budget, planning, and execution to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.



CBC Alamo City professionals go above and beyond to assist you throughout your project process with full-service construction management services. From achieving the owner or tenant objectives to closing out the constructive process once the renovation is complete, our comprehensive management services include: renovation planning, designing a space to tenant or owner specifications, advising/commissioning necessary contractors and subcontractors, coordinating third-party vendors, inspecting construction work for quality assurance, and ensuring responsibility risk management.



CBC Alamo City professionals offer comprehensive property management services in many markets with 160 companies around the world. Our professionals are experienced in reducing costs and increasing tenant retention through our superior management services.

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